Rihanna in Pascal Millet


The new first black face of Dior known as Rihanna was in New York in a daring Pascal Millet ensemble. The pieces are pretty much that of a pantsuit but it includes an in-your-face accessory in the form of a pale pink stole. If I could guess any reason as to why Rihanna chose to wear this it was definitely because of the stole and the color! Rihanna doesn’t do basic and if I looked like her I wouldn’t either! The Bajan beauty completed the look with nude Louboutin pumps. I just have one problem: slicked back hair. It’s got to be my least favorite hairstyle on all women.

Rihanna in Pascal Millet

One thought on “Rihanna in Pascal Millet

  1. I do not like Rihanna, so believe me when I say that she looks amazing in this suit. She looks young, vibrant and carefree. I also like oversized shawls and look at me accessories, so this stole was fantastic. The outfit was just the right amount of pink to distract me from her rebellious behaviour. I might have to disagree with you on the slicked back hair. I don’t like the hairstyle either, but: It is a Stepford Wife look and it matches the outfit perfectly. The only other style that would have matched this would have been a high ponytail.


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